NASA Podcast: Fueled by Fire

In this NASA Podcast, Fueled by Fire (Season 3, Episode 8), Founder Natasha Stavros discusses the role of fire in the Earth System. She discusses the science of how fire behaves, its impacts and drivers.

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Dr. Stavros discusses what it means to her personally as an Aries, born and raised in Southern California, a landscape prime for regular wildfire and a hot bed for many of the recent big fire events in US history. She talks about her personal experience doing field work in a post-fire environment. She even shares a serendipitous connection to fire with her husband, Noah Smith, a film score composer who re-scored a scene from Disney”s “Fantasia 2000” called “The Firebird” for a live performance by the Ruse Philharmonic in Ruse, Bulgaria (June 2017). In keeping with the spirit of Stravinsky’s original score and the timeless story of death and rebirth, Noah Smith named his version “From the Ashes.”

Lastly, Natasha discusses what fire means to humans as a species. It is an essential part of what makes us human. It is the reason we evolved the way we did. By using fire to cook, the dense nutrients and calories from our food fueled our brain development.