Washington Post: The Dangerous Era of Megafire

In this 6-min short by the Washington Post, interviewing Founder Natasha Stavros, learn how the west became ripe for destructive blazes from megafires – fires known for their destructive impacts on people and ecosystems.

Learn about Fire and Climate Change


Megafires are now a regular occurrence under human-caused global warming that has changed climate resulting in longer, hotter, drier fire seasons. These fire seasons combined with nearly a century of fire suppression in the United States, combined with a growing wildland urban interface increase the danger associated with fires on our communities.

In this chilling short, 6-minute educational video with fire scientists and managers, learn about the causes and what is expected to come. By the end of the video you will have chills down your spine as Dr. Stavros puts the 2020 fire season in the context of the bigger picture while offering hope that now is the time for change.

You will learn from Valerie Trouet at University of Arizona about the history of fire in the Western United States and how the the frequency of fires has changed through time. As well as fire managers talking about the important and complex relationships between humans and fire.

Lenya Quinn-Davidson, Director of the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council argues the need to bring fire back on the landscape to build resilience.

Elizabeth Azzuz, a traditional fire practitioner of the Yurok Tribe, discusses the legacy knowledge of native, indigenous tribes about how to manage fire on the landscape.